1 oz Johnson Matthey Gold Bar Value

By | February 28, 2014
Johnson Matthey Gold Bar 1 oz

Johnson Matthey Gold Bar 1 oz

The melt value for the 1 oz Johnson Matthey Gold Bar is $1910.06. The calculator generates a real time value based on current prices set in todays gold market. Please make adjustments as needed to get historical values as well. Thanks for using OzGoldPrice.com

The Johnson Matthey Group has become the one of the “gold standard” companies in the gold and silver secondary markets and the 1 oz Johnson Matthey Gold Bar has become one of their most popular products. Not only is it 99.99 pure gold, but packaged in a plastic holder and with an assay card, has become one of the most reliable ways to purchase and hold gold available. Many gold bars do not come with assay cards which means the bar either has to be assumed correct or tested which may affect the overall value of the bar.

Current Gold Price: $1910.06/oz

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While theoretically tied directly to gold spot price, the 1 oz Johnson Matthey Gold Bar commands a premium from both a collectable standpoint and an evaluative standpoint. Since these are very popular due to their quality, the quality of the packaging and the assay card, paying the slight premium over spot value is worth it to investors and collectors alike. Even though the 1 oz Johnson Matthey Gold Bar is seen as a way to easily collect and handle gold bullion, it does retain a certain collectable value due to its popularity. For investors and collectors looking for a way to reliably handle gold bullion, the 1 oz Johnson Matthey Gold Bar​ is indeed the “gold standard”.